Nicosia Uncut – Episode 11: Turkish Cypriots have decided: Evaluating the results in 30 mins (21/10/2020)

Right wing nationalist UBP's Ersin Tatar finished the race as winner with 51.7% against 48.3% after a difficult and polarized second round. Pro-federal solution and outgoing leader Mustafa Akinci lost his seat and announced ending his political career after Turkey's open and direct involvement in favour of winning Tatar. In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Kemal Baykallı and Andromachi Sophocleous provide a detailed analysis on the reasons of Tatar's win and the immediate outcomes of this election. 00.00 Introduction and presentation of results 01.43 Presenting the candidates' positions Five reasons why Akinci lost and Tatar won 02:51 Reason 1: Failure of solution process in Crans Montana 07:42 Reason 2: Economic dependence of the Turkish Cypriots 08:52 Reason 3: Negative climate, closure of crossings and demos 13:57 Reason 4: How Turkey involved heavily 19:00 Reason 5: Party politics and UBP's expectancy to lead the new coalition Four outcomes 21:00 Outcome 1: Finally enhancing pro-solution left wing 22:22 Outcome 2: A new generation of politically motivated youth 24:12 Outcome 3: Polarization of urban votes vs rural votes 25:47 Outcome 4: Resistance of Turkish Cypriots against intervention One observation 28:00 How GC leadership will reposition itself

The Life Light – Επισόδιο 7: Η κατάθλιψη στη πορεία μας (15/10/2020)

Άντρη Νικολάου - εγκεκριμένη Συμβουλευτική ΨυχολόγοςΤα θέματα ψυχικής υγείας είναι ένας παράγοντας που πολλοί μπορεί να αγνοούμε ή να υποτιμούμε όσον αφορά τη πορεία προς το να βρούμε το δρόμο μας. Με την Άντρη συζητάμε τη πτυχή της κατάθλιψης καθώς και άλλα θέματα που μπορεί να παρεμβαίνουν στη πορεία προς την ευτυχία μας. Αν νιώθεις ότι θέλεις επικοινωνήσεις με την Άντρη μπορείς να επισκευτείς τη σελίδα της στο Facebook:Άντρη-Νικολάου-296286924495504

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 10: Two Cypriots discussing Varosha and the elections (10/10/2020)

It was a very emotional day for many Cypriots, particularly for Famagustians. Allowing access to the coastal part of fenced town Varosha opened old wounds and created mixed reactions. This was done right before the elections in the north. The development further stirred the elections atmosphere which had already been tense due to the interference of Turkey on behalf of one of the candidates. Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı share their opinions and observations and convey reflections from both communities. 00.00 Varosha 20.15 Elections

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 8: Behind the headlines: EU summit and the elections (5/10/2020)

Podcast from the divided capital of Cyprus. In this episode, Andromachi Sophocleous provides an insight on the latest EU Council Meeting, expectations of the Republic of Cyprus, use of veto to block sanctions against Belarus, reference of the resumption of Cyprus problem talks and how whole saga was reflected on the Greek Cypriot press. First round of elections will take place on the 11th of October in the north, Kemal Baykallı discusses the campaigns, leading candidates, main issues and the role of Turkey in the elections. Listen it from the locals! 00.00 Introduction 01.40 What was Republic of Cyprus' strategy at the summit? 03.20 EU's reaction to Cyprus' position 04:10 Veto is a double-edged sword 07.12 Reflections on the Greek Cypriot press: EU Summit and Greco-Turkish talks 09.52 Turkish-Greek relations within the context of NATO and the EU 11:00 Where is Cyprus problem in all that? Demolishing the myths 17:00 Why are the Turkish Cypriot elections crucial? What are the main discussion topics? 20:00 TV debate of the main candidates 22:00 How Turkey's interference in the elections is backfiring. 24:40 Potential names for the second round, expected turnout 27.38 Voting patterns and Christophoros Christophorou's study on groups

Figure It – Episode 5: Chevron and East Med gas (16/9/2020)

In this week’s episode, Sapienta Economics Director Fiona Mullen talks about the commercial aspects of natural gas with the East Mediterranean Editor of Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), Peter Stevenson. The recent bid by US energy giant Chevron to buy out Noble Energy - the lead company in the Cyprus Aphrodite and Israeli Leviathan and Tamar fields - has been challenged by the activist investor, Elliott Management. What is the difference between the two companies and what would either company’s ownership mean for East Med gas development prospects?

The Life Light – Επεισόδιο 6: Δημιουργώντας το δικό μου δρόμο – Άρης Θεοδωρόπουλος (15/9/2020)

Άρης Θεοδωρόπουλος - Οδηγός Βουνού, Εκπαιδευτής Ορειβασίας & Αναρρίχησης, Εκπαιδευτής Εναεριτών και Συγγραφέας Το ταξίδι μου στη Κάλυμνο αυτό το καλοκαίρι με έφερε αντάμα με τον Άρη Θεοδωρόπουλο, έναν από τους ανθρώπους που έχουν συμβάλει σημαντικά στον κόσμο της αναρρίχησης. Ο Άρης μας μιλά για το πώς η προσωπική ευχαρίστηση κατέληξε να γίνει επάγγελμα έτσι ώστε να ζει. Μάθε τι χρειάζεται για ν’ ακολουθήσεις το δρόμο που εσύ δημιουργείς αλλά και να είσαι πρωτοπόρος.

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 7: What a mess! (12/9/2020)

What a mess! Cyprus found itself it the heart of a diplomatic mess in the area of international relations, multiple interests are at stake. Turkish Cypriots experienced panic with the rise of number of new Covid-19 cases eventually cancelling all commercial flights. And how will this affect the elections? Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykalli are trying to make sense in the middle of a chaotic mess!