Buffering – Episode 7: Don’t panic, there’s no strategy (23/11/2020)

They are back! Cypriot journalists Yiorgos Kakouris and Esra Aygın, from Brussels and Lisbon respectively, are bringing dispatches from the alternate Cypriot universe. Cyprus problem, Varosha developments, local politics, coalition efforts, matching the political leaders from both sides of the divide.

Buffering – Episode 2: It’s the looming pre-election campaigns, stupid (25/6/2020)

In this second episode of Buffering, Cypriot journalists Esra Aygın and Yiorgos Kakouris (who are currently based in Lisbon and Brussels respectively) continue to bring you dispatches from the alternate Cypriot universe. This week: invisible officials with and without quotation marks, political rumours, casual and not casual Cypriot racism & sexism, and the return of the thinking donkey.

Buffering – Episode 1: Podcasts, scandals and virus spin (17/6/2020)

In this first pilot episode, journalists Esra Aygın and Yiorgos Kakouris, reporting from Lisbon and Brussels respectively, are discussing current Cypriot issues as Cypriots looking from abroad. How Cypriots listen to podcasts, scandals shaking the politics, mysterious scent over the divided capital and latest political commentary are some of the topics covered in this first pilot episode.