The Life Light – Επεισόδιο 9: Nama Dama – Μουσικός/ Αφηγήτρια -The world above the ceiling (16/3/2021)

The Life Light Podcast
The Life Light Podcast
The Life Light - Επεισόδιο 9: Nama Dama - Μουσικός/ Αφηγήτρια -The world above the ceiling (16/3/2021)

Μέσα από αυτή τη συζήτηση μοιράζεται μαζί μας τη πορεία της στη δημιουργία μιας άλλης διάστασης μέσα από τη μουσική και τις ιστορίες της. Ξεδιπλώνει το πώς οι εμπειρίες της σχημάτισαν τη τέχνη της και το πώς το μονοπάτι της την οδηγεί στο να βοηθήσει με ένα μοναδικό τρόπο την ευρύτερη κοινωνία.

“My name is Anastasia Demetriadou and I’m 25. I am based in Nicosia and I am a singer/ songwriter. I studied at the University of Cyprus, in the department of English Studies and Translation. My greatest passion in life, is music and storytelling. I also have my personal musical project, called Nama Dama. The project was created back in 2019, when I first began sharing my musical stories with the world. The main purpose of the project, is to create an artistic world that can bring literature, poetry, acting and music together. I named this world, The World Above the Ceiling: A creative space that aims to enrich the senses and liberate the mind. My songs are therefore poems or short narrations, accompanied by music and vocal expressivity. 

My music is an experimental amalgam of classical, folk, rock and soul. I have recently published my first concept EP, Confessions to my Songbird, which combines both storytelling and music. Additionally, I write short stories and take music therapy courses in my free time. What I wish the most, is to reach to a certain point, where I am able to heal myself and the people around me through music, storytelling, movement, or any other artistic media that improves both our mental and physical health. For me, music is the purest form of magic, as it has healing and spiritual properties. That is what I also try to incorporate in my own music, by creating ambient, experimental sounds that can take the listener to another world and dimension, where he/she can experience something entirely different and learn something new. In the future, I would also love to narrate my short stories to the public, as well as write music for them.”

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