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Figure It - Fiona Mullen

A podcast to go beyond the headlines. Economic, political and social analysis on Cyprus by Fiona Mullen, Director of Sapienta Economics. Fiona hosts respected names & specialists and relies on facts, figures and statistics as a way of myth-busting issues in her Figure It podcast.

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/fi/

Nicosia Uncut - Andromachi Sophocleous & Kemal Baykallı

Cold, hard, truth from the divided capital of Cyprus. Andromachi Sophocleous & Kemal Baykallı, two peace activists/political analysts from the island of Cyprus, provide a unique and informed perspective on Cyprus-related politics, undoing official narratives dominating the discussion when it comes to Cyprus. According to Chartable statistics, Nicosia Uncut is the most listened political podcast in Cyprus.

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/nu/

Garip Zamanlar - Evren İnançoğlu & Kemal Baykallı & Sertaç Sonan

Evren İnançoğlu, Kemal Baykallı ve Sertaç Sonan; Lefkoşa, Kıbrıs’tan podcast’lıyorlar. 2014 yılında başlayan Garip Zamanlar macerası; insanlık hallerini, yeni çağın garip durumlarını, sosyal medyayı, popüler tarihi, sinemayı, siyaseti, edebiyatı, toplumsal hayatı ve farklı sanat dallarını irdeliyor. Garip Zamanlar, 2021 yılında Kıbrıs’ta “Yeni Medya” ödülleri altında yapılan oylamada yılın en iyi podcastı kategorisinde Altın Karga ödülünü kazandı.

Tüm bölümler: https://islandtalks.fm/series/gz/

The Life Light Podcast - Άννα Μιχαήλ

Buffering - Esra Aygın & Yiorgos Kakouris

A podcast from the alternate Cypriot universe – by Esra Aygın & Yiorgos Kakouris. News commentary and political satire from both parts of the island by two Cypriot journalists from the two communities of Cyprus. Legendary introductions by Yiorgos at the beginning of each episode!

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/bu/

Sesta - Meltem Burak

Embracing the colours of culture!

Sesta is a culture podcast produced and presented by Meltem Burak, an education and media professional. Sesta endeavours to give voice to artists and intellectuals who use the transformative power of arts and culture to alter the intractable conflict in Cyprus. The podcast pursues to ignite social debate, and thus, serve as a platform where concepts such as Cypriotness, unification, peacebuilding, gender equality, democracy etc. are discussed from the lens of arts and culture. Occasionally, the podcast also welcomes artists and intellectuals from outside of Cyprus with the aim of highlighting the universality of culture.


Zor Meseleler - Aysu Basri & Esra Aygın

Decode Cyprus - Esra Aygın & Lefteris Adilinis

Decode Cyprus – because in Cyprus nothing is as it looks. Esra Aygın and Lefteris Adilinis, two journalists from Cyprus, “decode” all Cypriot related issues in this English language podcast. An Island Talks podcast. www.islandtalks.fm

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/dc/

Facing Love in Cyprus - Nuné & Jordy

Facing Love in Cyprus is a podcast created by Nuné and Jordy with the intention of opening up conversations about life, people, our relationship to the self, difficult emotional states, how to navigate through all with more awareness & compassion, and to bridge the gap created by the illusion of separation. An Island Talks podcast. www.islandtalks.fm

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/fl/

KaleidHERscope - Magda Zenon

KaleidHERscope – a podcast with women from around the global talking openly and authentically about a kaleidoscope of topics, including politics, gender-based violence, peacebuilding, migration and theatre, hosted by peace and women’s rights activist Magda Zenon. An Island Talks podcast. www.islandtalks.fm

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/ka/

Terra Nullius Cyprus - Costa Constanti

Cyprus is filled with big hearts and big emotions – a hot, sleepy island, with hot tempers! On the surface it looks ‘normal’, but below the surface are many layers, filled with history – both beautiful and painful. An island full of amazing people, with incredible stories, doing amazing things. Join social and political analyst Costa Constanti to meet Cyprus and those who live there. An Island Talks podcast. www.islandtalks.fm

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/tn/

Queer αναπολογητικά νιαουρίσματα με Μαριλένα Κυριάκου τζαι Γιάννη Χαριλάου. Ένα podcast για ούλλα τα αδέσποτα της κοινωνίας μας. Πιάνουμε χώρο, συζητούμε, γελούμε τζαι σχολιάζουμε ποθκιάντραπα για όσα κάμνουμεν εμείς για εμάς τζαι όσα κάμνουν οι υπόλοιποι χωρίς εμάς. Τζαι φκάλλουμεν τζαι νύσσια αμάν λάχει. An Island Talks podcast. www.islandtalks.fm

All episodes: https://islandtalks.fm/series/ad/

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