Nicosia Uncut – Episode 7: What a mess! (12/9/2020)

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Nicosia Uncut
Nicosia Uncut - Episode 7: What a mess! (12/9/2020)

What a mess! Cyprus found itself it the heart of a diplomatic mess in the area of international relations, multiple interests are at stake. Turkish Cypriots experienced panic with the rise of number of new Covid-19 cases eventually cancelling all commercial flights. And how will this affect the elections? Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykalli are trying to make sense in the middle of a chaotic mess!

00:00 Welcome and introduction

02:00 Cyprus, EU and sanctions for Belarus

03:30 Where is Russia in this equation?

05:30 Public opinion towards the RoC foreign policy

06:35 What shapes the European perception towards Cyprus?

09:11 The potential developments from now on

11:38 Where are the Turkish Cypriots in this? And the current priorities.

12:44 Latest panic regarding Covid-19

21:40 Feedback by our listener on the EU’s role in Cyprob.

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 7 Video Teaser
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